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Leverage the power of AI + your brand voice to develop hard-hitting PDFs & PPTs that are built to perform

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The Future of Content Creation

Upload your logo, enter a webpage, and select your brand colors. Then start generating premium content tailored to your exact target audience.

Compose & Design with Dreamy
You’ll love our AI assistant, Dreamy. Powered by GPT-4 plus other best-in-class solutions, she’ll write, design, and create charts & graphs so your Content will hit harder than ever before.
Intuitive UI Editor
Packaged with slide template, an image library, and our AI-Assistant Dreamy. Tailor your premium content to get it exactly how you want it.
Real-time Collaboration
Generating long-form content or collateral is a team effort. Work with co-workers or clients to edit and export your beautiful content asset to PDF or PPT.
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Simplify Daily Content Generation

What used to take weeks, now takes minutes. Create content & collateral to match the exact desire of every persona that's buying your product.

Leverage the Power of AI
Harness a toolbox of leading solutions to produce premium content at previously unimaginable speeds.
Your Tone of Voice & Keywords
Link your website and blog. Then let Dreamy create content that’s on-brand and designed to perform.
Write in Multiple Languages
Seamlessly translate your content into eight different languages to localize your campaign across markets.

Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Create beautiful and on-brand content using the power of Dreamwriter

Design premium content in your brand's template, voice, tone, and messaging

Create 2 pieces of branded content

Edit content to get it just the way you want it

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Unlimited members and usage, premium custom support, and early access to advanced features
per member/month

Everything in Starter, plus

Work with up to 5 brands

Collaborate with up to 10 coworkers

Remove Dreamwriter watermark

Leverage Dreamy, our cutting edge AI Assistant, to edit and revise text

Translate up to 50 pieces of content per month

Manage your workflows with the built-in workspaces and teams tool

Access chat support

Export to PDF and PowerPoint

Enterprise and Agencies
Differentiate your brand voice across unlimited products, target audience, or companies.
Contact Sales

Everything in Pro, plus

Collaborate across your entire organization

Unlimited premium content creation and usage of AI assistant, Dreamy

Unlimited content translations

Leverage as many brands as you need

Dedicated account manager

Early access to upcoming features

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Loved by businesses worldwide

“As the Founder of GroupGoLocal, an agency that helps companies expand their operations into Latin American markets. We have thousands of followers all of whom are eager to have more content related to doing business in Latin America. Since starting to use Dreamwriter, I’m spending 4 hours/day and creating 3x as much content as I was. Now with Dreamwriter, I’ve unlocked the ability to hyper-target and localize content, which has up-leveled the relevance of my content to my end customers.”

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Cristian Gallardo
Founder of GoLocal

“As a small business owner, I wear multiple hats. However, the “hat” I never seem to have time to wear, is writing high-quality long-form content. Dreamwriter has changed all that. Now I can build a solid first draft, using language that sounds like me, and create fully-designed premium content in a matter of minutes. On top of that, I don’t even need a designer!”

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Danielle Holyoake
COO, Amelia Risk

“I’ve tested out Dreamwriter and I have to say the applications are endless. As a Senior Revenue Opps individual, I’m positive both our marketing and sales teams are going to love getting their hands on this solution. Can’t wait for it to come out of Beta!”

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Yuliya Sheflyland
Sr. Marketing Opps, Nomad Marketing

“My business revolves around creating beautifully designed PPTs that incorporate hard-hitting messaging. Not only does this delight my customers, but it also empowers their sales and investor teams to drive results. But as every content creator knows, producing the first draft is the most time-intensive. That’s why I’ve turned to Dreamwriter. In a matter of minutes, I’ve got a solid V1. Then I use their intuitive UI editor to further customize and export. Then, voila! I now can produce PPTs at scale, without sacrificing quality.”

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Jan Pochap
CEO, Pochap Presentations (Agency)

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